A Very Tiny Play: #16

This one’s pretty tragic. I think tragedy is my comfort zone. Huh. Go figure!

(On stage right we see a police officer taking notes. Zak is on the other side of a counter.)

OFFICER: Yes, good. What is happened?

ZAK: I last saw her at the docks.

(As he says this, the lights on stage left change to daylight. Jade enters, pacing. The boatman watches her subtly from upstage while he keeps himself busy.)

We were meant to take a ferry to the island for a tour, but I was late.

(Zak turns around, and runs into his memory, out of breath. The officer watches in stillness.)

ZAK: Where’s the ferry?

JADE: They left. They waited ten minutes.

ZAK: Aw, fuck. I’m sorry, babe.

JADE: Yeah, right.

ZAK: What?

JADE: You always do this! If you were really sorry, you would be on time for things that are important to me! You would fucking prioritize me!

ZAK: Prioritize you? Why do you think we’re here? You’re not happy unless you’re discovering some foreign land! I told you I needed to work. You know how important this deadline is!

JADE: It’s not just this deadline. We have never been on a trip where you weren’t fucking working! Now I missed a ferry to basically my dream island because you can’t take a fucking break!

ZAK: You’re right. I need a break! I need a break from you. I’ll see you back at the hotel.

(He exits out the way he came, and leaves the stage. After a moment, the boatman approaches Jade.)

BOATMAN: Pretty lady! You are needing a boat? Go to island? Fifty American, I take you right now.

JADE: Yeah. Okay. You have change?

BOATMAN: No, no, no change. Give me forty. You are pretty lady, so I take forty.

JADE: Great! Thank you.


(He leads her off stage left. Zak runs back in after a minute and looks around.)

ZAK: Jade? Jade! Aw, fuck….

(The lights change and he’s back in the police station.)

I searched the docks, I tried all the restaurants we’d been to, I tried her cell about a thousand times. I thought she would come home last night.

(He shakes his head.)

OFFICER: Hm. I am sorry, but there is nothing we can be doing.

ZAK: What?!

OFFICER: The docks are very dangerous, nobody is telling you this?

ZAK: Yeah, I know, but I was only gone a minute, she must have gotten on a boat or something!

OFFICER: So she belongs to them now. I will show her picture but nobody is telling me nothing.

ZAK: There’s gotta be something, something you can do!

OFFICER: Maybe you visit your embassy and they make investigation. You are not first person coming to me with this problem.

ZAK: Okay.

OFFICER: We are calling you if something come up.

ZAK: Thanks.

(Zak leaves the office. The lights fade on the Officer throwing out the report.)


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