A Very Tiny Pay #15

More in my fantasy universe. Gotta have a small town tavern scene!

(The scene is a lively pub, The Copper Cup. Tables are full of people laughing, drinking, and sharing stories. Downstage right is Tybalt, sitting alone at a small table, which has no other chairs around it. Lucy enters right behind Tybalt with a tray full of big mugs of beer.)

HOLSTAFF: ‘Ere’s to the Dragon! For keepin’ us all warm and cheerful on this sombre night. To Lucy!

ALL (except Tybalt): To Lucy!

SOMMER: D’you jus’ call ‘er the Dragon? Wot fer?

HOLSTAFF: On accoun’ a’, ye get too Drunk, she be Dragon ye outta here!

LUCY: Holstaff, you ol’ flatterer. We’re gettin’ ’round to closin’ time, folks –

(General cries of dismay)

Now, now, quit yer whinin’. This last round is on the house!

(General cries of celebration. She starts handing out mugs and pointedly ignores Tybalt.)

TYBALT: Hey! Wha’bou’ me?

LUCY: You’ve had enough, dear. Head on home.

TYBALT: I’ve had enough when I’ve had enough! Gimme one o’ them –

(On this last sentence, Tybalt stands up, and cuts himself off when a couple of other men between him and Lucy stand up as well. The bar turns silent on a dime.)

LUCY: Now Tybalt, go home before ye regret somethin’.

TYBALT: I regret comin’ here! You! (pointing theatrically at Lucy) You never loved my brother – yer all smilin’ an’ celebratin’ like you’re glad ‘e’s gone! Like ‘e was holdin’ ye back!

(One of the large men near Tybalt starts to move toward him.)

LUCY: Stanforth, no. I need to talk to this man. What do you know about my Jozan? Hey? You left to seek your fortune! Five years he’s had to mind the forge single handed. I loved him, and he loved me. He loved me for my smiles and my celebratin’ so I’m gonna keep smilin’ and celebratin’ in his honour and if you don’t like it you can pack up and slink on back to that big city o’ yours.

(There is a loaded silence.

SOMMER: Oh, ‘s at Jozan’s brother?

HOLSTAFF (smacking Sommer on the head): Quiet!

(Tybalt sits down.)

TYBALT: Sorry, Lucy. I just wish I could honour ‘im like you do.

LUCY: All right, folks, I think we can take this last round outside, whaddaya say? Come on, move it, grab a flagon on yer way out!

(The bar empties. Lucy sits down next to Tybalt.)

TYBALT: Why’re you –

LUCY: I know what’s botherin’ you.


LUCY: Jozan never wanted you to become a bounty hunter. But you did it anyway. Now ye’ve got nothin’ and ye think maybe he was right. ‘Sat it?

TYBALT: Last thing I said to ‘im was I… I didn’t need ‘im.

LUCY: Oh, Tybalt….

TYBALT: He was the only thing I could count on in all Dracana, and now I lost ‘im too. If I hadn’t gone made a fool o’ myself in every damn tavern in the city, I could’ve protected him – I could have saved ‘im! I wish… I just wish….

(He weeps. Lucy puts her arm on him. He settles down a bit.)

LUCY: Tybalt. If you know Jozan like I do, you’ll know he doesn’t want you mopin’ about ‘im. He would want you to move. To get up, dust yerself off, and do somethin’. Dun matter what. That’s why I’m hostin’ like ain’t nothin’ wrong. I got a hole in my heart the size o’ this town and the only way I can fill it is by livin’ my life. Hey! Listen. Old man Maloney has been takin’ over at the forge, but he could use a hand. Why dontcha stay here an’ work the forge?

TYBALT: Thanks, Luce. I will. But… just for a bit. Yer right, I gotta live my life. I’m not about to live Jozan’s. I’m gonna be the best damn bounty hunter around, but… not for the fame. I’m gonna make the highways safer. I wanna stop people dyin’ for no good reason.

LUCY: Atta boy!

TYBALT: Thanks Luce.

LUCY: Come outside for another round, yeah?

TYBALT: Hah! Naw. Had enough. Gotta get up early an’ start work. I’ll be a little rusty, pun intended.

LUCY: Suit yerself. Bye now.

(He tips his hat and stumbles out. She had stood up to wave him good-bye, and she sits back down and cries as the lights fade.)


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