A Very Tiny Play: #11

It’s like #1, but with a 1 in front! I’m currently building a high fantasy setting for a D&D campaign. This is my first piece of drama set in that realm.

(Center is a glorious roadside shrine to the Silver Dragon, the patron deity of the province Argentum, which is populated mostly by elves. Sitting on the base of the shrine, naked, and with head hanging between his knees, is Pluoc, a half-orc. Pluoc is nearly 7 feet tall, with pale green skin and lean musculature (for a half-orc). Enter Senser from right. Senser is a half-elf, 5’5”, stout (for a half-elf), carrying a large back pack, and seems miffed. Senser is dressed well, but not too well. Like someone with a great fashion sense shopping at Value Village. Senser crosses to left, trying his best not to glance at Pluoc, but failing once or twice. He stops before exiting. He turns around to look at Pluoc. He turns around again, takes a step, and physically struggles in an attempt to take another. He sighs. He walks towards Pluoc.)


(With impressive slowness, Pluoc lifts and turns his head to look at Senser.)


SENSER: What, are you, doing here?

(With impressive slowness, Pluoc drops his head back to its original position.)


SENSER: Look, you can’t just sit there all day under the sun like that.



(Senser walks away. He stops before exiting.)

THE ELF IN SENSER: What are you doing? Help him, by Argentum!


THE ELF IN SENSER: You told him not to sit there. You didn’t even offer him sun lotion.

THE HUMAN IN SENSER: He doesn’t even have clothes, how do you expect him to pay for it?

THE ELF IN SENSER: It’s called charity! Have you forgotten how your ancestors were liberated from slavery and given their own province?

SENSER: Yeah, yeah….

(When Senser says this, Pluoc lifts his head enough to be able to peer at Senser.)

THE ELF IN SENSER: He’s naked, alone, and sitting under the eyes of the Silver Dragon herself. Go!

THE HUMAN IN SENSER: How did he get so naked? Eh? Maybe he’s dangerous!

THE ELF IN SENSER: He’s a half-orc – they’re all dangerous if you get them mad. They don’t just get mad at anyone! You help that fellow or I’m going to guilt you for years.

THE HUMAN IN SENSER: Aw, there you go playing the guilt card again.

(Senser turns again toward the half-orc and wanders over.)

SENSER: Listen. My caravan isn’t far. Why don’t you come with me? I can… I can give you some sun lotion.

THE ELF IN SENSER: Food and water!

SENSER: And food and water. If you’re thirsty. Or hungry. Or something.

(Pluoc is now staring at Senser. A long beat until Pluoc stands up, with impressive slowness.)

PLUOC: You do not know me. Why do you help?

SENSER: B-because. Because you need it. Don’t you?

PLUOC: … … … … yes. Thank you.

SENSER: Will you tell me why you’re sitting there?

PLUOC: To commune with Dragon.

SENSER: Argentum?


SENSER: Need answers? The clerics at the temple in Elgon are the wisest in the land, if you ask me – and I’ve been all over!

PLUOC: No. Need answer from Dragon.

SENSER: Ah. Well. Good luck with that. Now come along, my caravan’s this way. Do you – want clothes?

(Pluoc looks down at his junk and back at Senser with impressive slowness.)

PLUOC: Loincloth.

SENSER: I’ve got just the thing. Come.

(Senser plods out and Pluoc follows with impressive slowness.)


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