On Grant-Writing, Part 1: On Break

Right now, it’s the night before the deadline for a grant that I decided to apply for less than two weeks ago. It’s wonderfully short notice! I have ever so much to do, but I’m not doing it. I’ve spent several hours not doing it already today. By all rights, I should be doing it. I’m sitting at a computer, writing, my submission is due at the post office in no less than 18 hours, and all I want to do is eat and write this blog post. Because I promised, long ago, that I would blog every Thursday night, and by goodness, I’m going to blog this Thursday.

There is a better reason for me to be writing this (and “wasting” the previous two hours, not to mention all that algebra I did in the morning instead of being on the phone). The fact is, if I hadn’t taken that break, I would not be writing this blog post. I probably wouldn’t be writing anything. Or if I were, it would not be as fluid a process as this is being. I needed that break because it’s been a stressful week – not necessarily in a bad way, mind – and the wonderful spring air today gave me a second wind after I’d spent the day working hard.

Is this break going to cost me the grant? Maybe. Do I really care? No. Because it’s just one grant. It’s just Baby’s First Solo Grant Application. I don’t need the money. Well, I do, in a certain, “I need to survive” view. But it’s not like I have no other ways of gaining capital.

And even if that grant would have kick-started my career into exactly what I had always imagined it could be! I’m a lucky person. Another chance will come by. But making decisions like this – choosing present happiness and stress-reduction over pressing “work” – will ensure that I keep being healthy and happy enough to continue doing these grant applications.

Short and sweet. Time to get this form filled O_O;

Stay healthy, stay lucky. I love you.



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