The Power of You

In my first post on this blog, I talked briefly about the Four Agreements. The subject of that post was #1 of the four, “Be Impeccable With Your Word.” It implies honesty is always the best choice, to be diligently tactful, and promises should not be made lightly. I promised myself that I would post on this blog every Thursday. This is Sunday now, and it’s the second time I’ve been late for a post here. I don’t, however, feel guilty or anything, because of the last of the four agreements: “Always Do Your Best.”

The agreement itself seems a little obvious. Duh, do your best. Like, in everything. It’s also easy to see this as an easy cop-out for the other agreements. “I broke all sorts of promises this week, but hey, I did my best.” Well, sort of. Perhaps a little less when you took on those promises in the first place. Subtle implications like this are what make #4 so interesting. You didn’t know how much time each of those promises would take you. You took them on with the belief you could manage each of them. You did your best at time-management. You tried. You failed, but it’s okay, you did your best, and now you know for next time.

Every time you do your best, your best is a little better.

In this summation of the Four Agreements, the last line for “Always Do Your Best” shed a lot of light as to its purpose: “Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.” I believe that’s the most important point here. By being perseverant and positive whenever possible, you can avoid those eternal human pitfalls.

This week, I have been busy. I didn’t have time on Thursday to do a post, and in fact this is the first moment of quiet I’ve had since then. On top of that, yesterday was particularly crazy and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. I am doing my best to provide you an interesting read each week at a specific day/time, and in this case it’s a short article three days late. And I won’t be hard on myself. Seriously I’m doing my best, Travis, lay off!

Do your best to rest today. If not, do your best in whatever is keeping you busy! That’s all anyone can ever ask, including yourself.

Thanks for reading. You’re the best!



3 thoughts on “The Power of You

  1. I like it! It isn’t often I absolutely know that I did my best at anything, that’s the only trick. How can you actually be sure you did your best? I mean, who’s keeping track? It’s a bit of a mine field, all this self-improvement stuff! Keep it up, though. Love Mom xo

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  2. C’est très inspirant, et pour une fois je dis ça sincèrement, sans ironie! Well done Trav. Tu sais qu’un de tes dons est d’être enseignant, une domaine dans laquelle tu es très fort.


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