The Cycles We Live

Today’s topic was given to me by the universe, by Sympathetic Resonance, by what we sometimes call synchronicity, or serendipity.

Today, I watched A Video By Spirit Science about Sacred Geometry. I only got about halfway through before I had to bike somewhere to do some volunteer massage at the new Children’s for parents of sick children. Energetically, emotionally, it was a low-vibration point of my day. These parents are battling against their children’s illnesses, all day, every day. Some of them even live there. You can imagine it being draining. How difficult is it to stay positive in those situations?

On my way home, on my bike, I decided – against my normal insistence – to take the bike path on deMaisonneuve. It has more hills and less excitement so I tend to ignore it. But, today, I just decided to take it, there and back. It got me thinking about hills, which got me thinking about some of my friends who spend a lot of time in a negative energy place, and have no luck fighting their way out. The thing about hills is that every time there’s an exhilarating downhill, there’s a grueling uphill (why I prefer flat roads haha). Now when you reach a downhill slope, you have two options: stop pedaling and coast, or pedal like a madman and gain a boat load of momentum. I don’t have to explain which one will help you get up the uphill part of the same hill.

The same is true in the rest of life. There are good parts of your day, week, month, year, life, and there are bad parts, in the same amount, in the same increments. “Life is Beautiful,” but “Shit Happens.” When things are going good, don’t just sit there playing video games – or worse, watching someone else play video games – all day. Because one day shit will happen and you will have no momentum. What then?

Then I got home and continued watching the aforelinked video. Click here and watch at least a couple of minutes because it pretty much floored me (or, at least, it might have, but I have been noticing a lot of synchronicity lately so it wasn’t that surprising). They discuss exactly the same principle, but add another element: cycles of different lengths exist in our lives and they all share this property.

Right now, I am in a nice cycle where each week I write for this blog. On a smaller scale, I am in the habit of waking up at 6 every morning, often right before my alarm, and doing a 2-2.5 hour routine including stretching, Morning Pages, and tasting my breakfast. It gives shape to my whole day and I end up being quite productive. I also take time to do dick all, which is important for me to continue to be productive later. Recently I have also begun longer structures, such as being cast in Tommy, which continues the cycle of being in plays that I have been in for quite some time.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that they talk about how the smaller structures can affect the larger structures. The fact that I have this routine I do every morning not only makes my day more productive, but it makes my week more productive, which makes my month more productive, etc. You can’t achieve anything in a year if you don’t achieve anything in a day. Even days where you “do nothing,” at least do something that feeds your soul in some way.

Right now I’m going to go drink another beer with my Dad because sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.

Thanks for reading. What do you do every day?



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